This list shows you a certain choice of our standard delivery scope.

A - Air permeability testing        devices
Air splicer
Analysing balance
Anti-static spray

Automatic thread counter


B - Balances
Balances to determine the  weight/square meter
Ball type thread base
Band knives
Band-knife machines
Bar of 1 meter
Basket springs
Blades for carpet cutters
Blades for round cutting devices
Bobbin disc
Bobbin rack
Brake discs
Brakes for cop creels
Brushes for knitting machines
Buffer for the picking stick
Burling irons
Burling pens

Burling scissors


C - Calliper gauge, small and  handy
Card clothing
Carding cloth
Carpet pins
Carpet trimmers
Centering pads
Ceramic guides
Ceramic thread guides
Chalk pens
Chalk powder roller for marking  purposes
Channeled files
Check weights
Cheese base
Chequered plate
Circular cutter machine
Cleaning brushes
Cleaning brushes for wires
Climatic cabinets
Cloth clamps
Cloth cubits
Cloth cutting machines

Cone supports
Consolidated balances
Cotton cord
Counting balances
Counting needles
Coverings for clearer rollers
Curve knife
Curve template
Cutting pad
Cutting pad
Cutting rulers
Cylinder springs

Cylindrical tubes


D - Darning needles
Devices to tag defects
Disc brakes
Discs of plexiglas
Driving belt
Drop wire

Dummies for pants


E - Eight-angular knives
Electr. balances
Electr. scissors
Embroidery scissors
Emery cord
Emery paper
Endless belts

Eyelets of ceramic


F - Felt tubes
Fisherman knotters
Fixing pins
Flat knitting machines
Flat springs
Floor balances
Fluorescent pens

Fur for loom shuttles


G - Grease guns
Grinding machine for scissors
Grinding machines for circular  cutters
Grinding machines for knives
Grinding service for weft and  warp cutters

Grinding services for knives


H - Harness cords
Hexagon cutters
Hollow pliers
Hollow punches
Hook knife
Hooks for belts
Hooks of ceramic
Hot cutters
Humidity destination devices
Humidity measuring devices
Humidity sensors
Humidity testing devices



I - Illman-Splicer
Illuminated lenses
Illuminated stop motion
Impermeability testing device
Industrial blades
Industrial yarns
Infeeding thermometers

Inserts for pickers


J - Jacquard cards
Jacquard papers
Jointair Splicer

Joints for belts


K - Knot catchers


L - Lables
Laboratory equipment
Lath brushes
Leather brakes
Length measuring devices
Loom shuttles
Lubrication device

Lunometer - thread measuring  device


M - Magnetical thread brakes
Magnifiers to be fixed at the head
Manual knotters
Manual sewing machines
Markfix - device for marking faults
Marking chalk
Marking needles
Marking pens
Measuring device for sound-level
Measuring device for the length  of threads
Measuring tape of paper
Measuring tape of steel
Measuring tapes
Mending needles
Metal cloth guides
Meter counters

Multiple stop-motion


N - Needle pliers
Needles for sack cloth
Net tubes for bobbins
Nipples of ceramic

Nylon wire


O - Oil can
Oil lubrication devices
Oil spray

Oil stone


P - Paint brush
Paper cards
Paper cones
Paraffine bars
Paraffine lubricators
Paraffine rings
Paraffine rods
Partial warp beams
Pattern tracers
Pen "Quehlitin"
Picking belt
Picking cap
Pile scissors
Pinion gears
Pinking scissors
Plasting winding wires
Pleated tubes for bobbins
Plier for setting points on pattern  cylinders
Pliers for notching cloth
Pocket balance
Pocket magnifier
Pocket magnifying lamp
Pocket measuring tape
Point for writing colour
Precision lense with scale
Pulse transmitter
Pumice stones
Punches for round belts

Punching blades


Q - Quadrant balances

Quilting scissors


R - Reading lenses
Recoating of weaving machines'  scissors
Reed hooks
Reed pliers
Revolution counters
Ring head pins
Rings to load threads
Ripping needles
Rods of ceramic
Roller brushes
Roller covering
Roller picker to remove fiber  bundles
Rolls of ceramic
Round cutting die 
Round wires
Round-cutting scissors for  patterns
Rubbing stone

Running-in rolls


S - Safety pin
Scale lense
Scissors for Kevlar
Scissors for leather
Scissors for left-handers
Scissors for rewinding machines
Scissors to cut Aramide
Scissors to cut paper
Scissors with one ring
Scissors Teflon coated
Scoring test device
Seal pliers
Seam testing devices
Self-threader made of ceramic
Selvedge rolls
Setting weights
Sewing machines for sacks
Shore density testing device
Slotted thread guide
Small needle wheels
Small stop-motion
Small stroboscopes
Spindle cords
Spindle tapes
Spot cleaning liquids
Spot cleaning spraying guns
Spraying guns
Spring balance
Springs (traction and pressure)
Square cutter
Stain remover
Stamp-pad ink
Staples for jacquard paper
Steel needles
Stop-motion controlling the  needles
Storage-battery scissors
Straight cutting device
Strength testing device
Stroke counter
Sublimating tailors' chalk

Surface thermometers


T - Tachometer
Tailors' angle
Technical ceramics
Technical magnifiers
Teflon spray
Temperature sensors
Temple cylinders
Ten-edged cutter
Tensile stress measuring device
Tension meas. device for warp  threads
Testing device for residual  humidity
Testing devices
Textile sleeves
Textile testing devices
Thread brakes
Thread clips
Thread guides - China Bone
Thread guiding tubes f. Circular  Knitting Machines
Thread-breaking stop motion
Threaders for sewing machines
Tin-cutting scissors
Trimmer tailors' scissors
Tubes for clearer rollers
Tubes of ceramic

Twin brooms


U  - Ultraviolet compounds

Universal bobbin holder


V - Vertical cutter

Video magnifier


W - Washable tailors' challk
Warp beams
Weavers' knotters
Weavers' needles with ball point
Weaving machine cutters
Weaving reeds
Winding up cap
Winding-off devices
Wire knives
Wire threaders
Wooden bobines
Wooden cones
Woollen felt tubes

Writing colour


Y - Yarn brake for drop wires